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Mixing & Mastering

Can you edit my drums?

Absolutely. Tell us about it.

How many revisions will I get?

1 revision is always included. You can get Unlimited Revisions within a (month window) by paying a price depending of the work.

How long does it take you guys to deliver?

Once your material is received and verified it'll typically take us 7 working days for Mastering, 7-10 working days for Mixing & Mastering, 10-15 working days for Remix & Production, to deliver the first Audition File. Revisions take extra time. For multiple songs or production work it will take us reasonably longer and it should be discussed with us beforehand. We also offer Rush Service with a guaranteed 2 Business days turnaround for Mix & Mastering and Mastering Only. Rush Service on Remix & Production is 5 business days. Please contact us for Rush Service availability before ordering.

Do you offer money back policy?

Unluckily, we no longer offer money back guarantee.

My vocals are a bit (or maybe a lot) out of tune. Can you edit them?

Absolutely. We use AutoTune®, Melodyne® and Cubase® to manually edit your tracks to perfection. Just tell us about it. Don't worry – our producers do this very skillfully and patiently. We won't make you sound like Cher… unless you want us to!

Can you remix or produce my song?

You bet! House? Rock? Pop? Latin? Electro? Orchestral? Just choose a style or a reference track, and we'll produce an arrangement that will knock your socks off.

How should I credit for Lucas Toledo's work?

Credits for our work are very much appreciated! Please credit ‘’ (e.g. ‘Mixed and Mastered by’).

Can I have the session files at the end of the job?

Yes, just tell us about it when placing your order. We'll print all separate files inclusive of analogue and valve treatment, so that you can recreate the mix on any DAW.

How good will my music sound?

Lucas Toledo and his mates have many years experience and great taste in music. If your music is good, we'll make it sound superb. If your music is bad, we'll make it sound superb ;-)

What's the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is putting everything you have recorded together to complete your song(s). This involves adding EQ and compression, volume adjustments, adding effects, editing flaws, pitch correction and so on. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together, putting together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right while also adding the finishing touches on things. When mixing is completed, you should be pleased with the way the song sounds and feel confident that you don't need to add anything else musically.  Mastering is adding sparkle and shine to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you're making sure that song one doesn't blow out the speakers while song two is barely audible - in other words, you want the levels of the songs to be similar and you want a general sense of cohesiveness to your recording, It also add the finishing touches to the song to bring it to its highest poetntial, making as loud as possible without distorting and making the song sound big and strong while sounding wider and clearer to emerge you in its sound. No song should be without mastering!

What type of music do you mix and master?

I work on all genres of music! Yes, that is correct, I work with EVERY genre and its sub-genres and in any language! I have been Professionally Mixing and Mastering every genre of music and language in over 100+ Countries worldwide! Everything from Rock to Hip-Hop, Electronic Dance Music to Country, R&B to Classical, Reggae to Bollywood and much more! I even do orchestral for films and video games! There is literally NOTHING I can NOT Mix and Master!

What should I have my audio mastered?

Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its optimum potential. It gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. No matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, CD-ROM/DVD authoring or publishing to the world wide web, it must be mastered to take full advantage of the media in which it is to be released.

Why can't I master my own songs?

After working on countless songs and albums, mastering engineers develop an acute sense of sonic and musical knowledge that is key to successful mastering. It’s also a huge plus that the mastering engineer wasn‘t there when you recorded and mixed your material. Hearing your songs for the first time, a fresh pair of ears can offer truly objective advice. "Professional tools are getting more affordable and more people are learning how to use them, so in that sense, the process is definitely being democratized. However, experience and good ears are not easily purchased, so not everyone will get a great result, even with the right tools."

Can I hear samples of your work?

Yes! I have 150 Songs in 11 Genres for you to listen to and hear the quality of my work. I also have Before and After Samples for Mixing, Mastering and Mixing and Mastering. Click the link below to Hear my work! Mixing and Mastering Samples

How do I know it will sound better?

Lucas Toledo has over 12 years experience making your material sound better, its what we do! You always have input into how your project sounds, and we make any necessary changes until you are completely satisfied. I will do everything I can to make your audio project sound more than incredible.

Digital or Analog?

To be able to provide you with great affordable rates and fast turnarounds, all of my services are mostly digital. I will use analog gear in certain situations if needed. Using the industry absolute best software and plugins, I am able to provide an excellent digital OR analog sound to your mixes and masters.

Do You Master For iTunes?

Almost! I am proud to say this is in progress. Soon I will officially be able to offer Mastering for iTunes.

Do You Master for SoundCloud?

Yes, let me know that you plan on uploading your material for SoundCloud and I will Master your songs to ensure the best possible quality when played from

What's the process?

To be able to provide you with great affordable rates and fast turnarounds, all of my services are mostly digital. We will use analog gear in certain situations if needed. Using the industry absolute best software and plugins, We are able to provide an excellent digital OR analog sound to your mixes and masters. We work in a private studio with top quality computing systems, software, hardware and monitors, and I have over 12 years of experience in mixing and mastering every genre of music. Once I receive your material and payment, I begin to prepare and work on your project right away. Mixes are usually mixed completely then I rest my ears for a day and come back for anything I've missed before the mix is finalized. I will send you the mix in mp3 format for your review. If any changes need to be made I will make them and send the mix back. This process repeats until you confirm the mix is complete. Once the mix is completed, it's then prepared and sent to Mastering. Before the Mastering process is started I let my ears rest for 12-24 hours so I have fresh ears in the Mastering stage. During the final stage of the Mastering, the audio is tested on over 3 pairs of high-end monitors and numerous sound systems such as an iPod (mp3 player), car stereo, Laptop speakers and a boom box, to make sure you are getting the best possible sound on every playback device!

Once complete, your files will be delivered to you in a personal private Cloud folder shared between us, you can choose to delete the files and folder or keep it to transfer material in the future if needed.

What Will I Receive?

Once your project is completed you will receive an MP3 & WAV file of your Mixed or Mastered song, along with any add-ons you have ordered. You will also receive an mp3 file which allows your song to be automatically imported into your computer or mp3 players music playback system (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) and a few extra goodies =)

You will NOT receive a copy of the session where I mixed and mastered. Although I can send the individual processed stems of your project at extra cost.

Sending Marterial

Mixing and mastering tips: How should I prepare my material?

For Mastering Only, just send us a stereo audio file at the best quality available. Please NO LIMITING on the mix bus! Don't hit 0dB too hard – leave 3 to 6 dBs of headroom for us to do our thing. For Mixing And Mastering please export multiple tracks from your DAW. If you're not sure how to do it, check our videos on how to export all tracks in Cubase. We prefer it if you turn EQ, compression, delays and reverbs off. You can leave other effects that have a musical value (e.g. flanger, chorus etc.). Please make sure that the individual tracks and folder are correctly named, and include your original demo mix, along with other reference tracks and your mix notes. Ideally you would name the folder ‘ArtistName_SongName_BPM’, then zip it (e.g.

Sending material for Mixing

To Correctly prepare and send your material for Mixing, Please Carefully follow ALL of the directions on this page --> MIXING

Sending Material for Mastering

To Correctly prepare and send your material for Mixing, Please Carefully follow ALL of the directions on this page --> MASTERING

Turnaround Time & Delivery

How long will it take to Mix / Master my material?

For Mixing, Current turnaround time is to receive your FIRST Mix(es) for review, completion of this service depends on how many revisions are needed after you review your first mix. Once you are satisfied with the mix(es), The files will be packaged and delivered by e-mail. For Mastering, Current turnaround time is to receive your completed Masters, completion of this service depends on how many revisions are needed after you review your Masters. Once you are satisfied with the Masters, the files will be packaged and delivered by e-mail. For Mixing and Mastering, Current turnaround time is to receive your FIRST Mix(es) for review, completion of this service depends on how many revisions are needed after you review your first mix. Once you are satisfied with the mix(es) it will be sent to the mastering house for mastering, once completed, the files will be packaged and delivered by e-mail. Current turnaround time for Mixing — Current turnaround time for Mastering — Turnaround time for Revisions — 5 Days. Turnaround time for Radio Edits — 5 Days. All orders are rendered on a first come first serve basis. This goes for Major and Indie artists. All turnaround times stated on our website or by e-mail are only an estimation. In any event, the turnaround time may be extended any time after purchase. Rush Delivery may or may not be available.

I need my project ASAP! Do you offer rush order services?

Yes, I offer rush delivery for all services. An additional fee will apply. Pricing (per song) is as follows. 3 DAYS - +20% of your total 2 DAYS - +40% of your total 1 DAY - +60% of your total For more information please email me at

Where are you located and what is your Time Zone?

We are located in Zaragoza, Spain. Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00).

Pricing & Payment

How can you Mix & Master for such a low price?

My prices are reflective of my low operating expense and the high volume of projects I receive. And by receiving projects via mail or internet, I can avoid the pitfalls of having to schedule appointments or sessions with the client, allowing me to produce work beyond "normal" studio hours. This, in turn, means a much lower price to my clients.

What type of payments do you accept?

For online payments any Major Credit or Debit Card is accepted. **Western Union, Bank Transfer and Prepaid Credit / Debit cards are NOT accepted. If you have any questions please e-mail Lucas Toledo at

What is your refund policy? services are electronic non-tangible irrevocable goods. We believe in keeping our customers happy. If you are unsatisfied with your results we are willing to make any small changes and adjustments free of charge (Before Mastering). For bigger adjustments you will be able to use your Free Revision(s) or order a revision ad-on (To find out which services include free revisions visit Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds once an order has been placed at However, we may issue credits for our services in the amount determined by us if a refund is requested. These credits can only be redeemed up to 5 days after being offered. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any service from us. By processing an order at, you automatically agree to all of these terms listed. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you. Understanding and Responsibility Client is responsible for reading and understanding the entire terms and conditions and refund policies. Client is also responsible for overviewing the FAQ page and making sure all questions and concerns are answered before making an order at By making payment at, the client states they have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy. Lucas Mix and Mastering ( may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy from time to time and the changes are not prorated. Please review this policy periodically. For more information visit us online at or e-mail us directly at

How do I make my Order?

You can easily make your order at our online store here --> ORDER

I have a Coupon Code, How do I use it?

Once you have added an item or items to your cart, Click on the blue shopping bag in the top right corner of the website. A preview will open from the right side of the page, once that happens, click on "View Cart" you will then be brought to the checkout page. When ready to order, click on "Apply Coupon" and enter your coupon code. If done correctly you will get a confirmation that the code was successful. You will not see the new discounted total until you checkout. If you have any problems with checkout or using a coupon code please e-mail me at

Guarantees & Satisfaction

So you will work until I am 100% satisfied?

Yes, it's true. I will continue to revise your mix / master until you are totally satisfied with the final result. Once you hear your mix or master, if there are things you want to change about it, simply call or email me with your change requests and we implement those changes and send you another updated mix or master using either your free or purchased revisions. Simply put, you will get a mix / master that is of the highest possible sound quality available.  For Mixes I will revise small details such as volume changes and and other adjustments free of charge. If you need changes such as vocal / instrumental replacement, track layout changes, any effect changes or a revision to a mix after its been Mastered will be an extra $50 for a revision. Also check out our testimonials from our amazing clients HERE I believe in keeping my customers happy. If you are unsatisfied I am willing to to make any small changes and adjustments free of charge (Before Mastering). unfortunately once a service is paid for we can not make refunds.

What Makes Mikes Mix & Master Better Than The Rest?

We are the leader in Online Mixing and Mastering and have been the first to provide this breaking new service to the entire world. Before us, the only way artists would be able to have their music Professionally Mixed and Mastered was to book and pay for both an hourly (if not multiple) studio session(s) and an engineer. I'm the FIRST to provide the same professional services online for more than half the cost and at the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately being number 1 has its consequences, since starting the company there have been lots of other Mixing and Mastering websites popping up all over the internet, most being run by engineers who truly have no professional experience in their craft but are just looking to make a quick buck and leaving YOU with unprofessional results. Most of these sites have cloned everything I've built to LOOK like the real deal but are really just horrible copies. It's rare to find a company who actually cares about the artist. My services are low priced because I care more about music than money. I enjoy my job and enjoy satisfying my clients. I dedicate my time to learn your needs and doing everything I can to give you a product you can be proud of for years to come. Our team wants to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and wants to see everyone succeed. You are guaranteed to get this at and I have the clients, testimonials, reviews and most of all the WORK to prove it. I am the original and always will be. For True Professional Online Mixing and Mastering there is only ONE name you can TRUST. Lucas Mix And Mastering


How Does Revisions Work?

Revisions are changes or edits you would like made to your Mix & (or) Masters once they have been sent to you. Each mixing package includes a certain amount of revisions. The revisions phase is designed for minor adjustments to what was mentioned in the original mixing form.
Turn around for revisions are 5 business days (Though are sometimes delivered sooner depending on the studio schedule)
Below are the details of what IS and IS NOT included in your allowed revisions: What is covered:
Adjustments to instructions mentioned on the mixing form, that perhaps aren’t exactly how you envisioned them
You’d like the volume of an instrument and/or vocal adjusted.
You’d like effects adjusted (i.e. more reverb, less delay) What is NOT covered:
Does not include adding any new instruction that was not mentioned in the original Mixing Form
Does not include arrangement changes: Things like creating drops, stop effects and mutes
New file submissions are not included (Vocal files or instrument files) You have up to 5 days from the time I send your mix to request any free revisions. After each revision, you have 2 days to request another free revision. After the said days, your project is considered complete and you can no longer have the option to use any remaining free revisions. If you want a revision after your project has been completed you will need to order a new revision at the pricing provided on the services page — Services & Pricing Once You approve your main mix, there is no longer the option to have anything changed in the mix (without incurring additional fees), even if you still have not used up all revisions.

Terms & Conditions (IMPORTANT)

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your use of this website; by using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full and without reservation. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website. It is your (the customer) responsibility to read and comprehend the following terms and conditions before making an order on this website ( or using any of the services provided at this website ( This Service allows you to have your songs mixed & (or) mastered, produced, composed, arragned by a professional mix (or) Mastering Engineer, or music producer and obtain downloads of the finished songs “tracks” from either our e-mail, Dropbox or website. Lucas Mix and Mastering takes precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via my website or e-mail, your information is protected both online and offline. This includes your audio files, name, phone number, address, email and any other info you may send me. I do not use any kind of tracking cookies. I also sa